‘Another humiliation’ Shocking 5 consecutive losses → Manager Yeom Ki-hoon voluntarily resigns, Suwon Samsung “Aim for the appointment of a new head coach in a quick decision.”

It is a shock. Suwon Samsung, a famed traditional powerhouse, has also failed to display strong performance in the K-League 2 (Part 2). In the end, Yeom Ki-hoon voluntarily resigned, taking responsibility for his poor performance.

Suwon Samsung suffered upset loss of 1-3 at a home match against Seoul E-Land at the “Hana Bank K League 2 2024” held at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on Saturday. Some veterans, including Yang Hyung-mo, showed their fighting spirit but could not prevent their team from losing. Suwon took the 1-0 lead thanks to Mulic’s opening goal in the 41st minute. However, it shook dramatically in the 40th minute of the second half when Lee Dong-ryul scored the equalizer. The team bowed its head to 1-3, allowing two more goals in extra time in the second half. Due to the defeat on the day, Suwon experienced humiliation as it lost five consecutive games in shock, and lost all of its matches in May. Suwon dropped to sixth place with six wins, one draw and seven losses (19 points).

The fans couldn’t contain their anger. After the game, they picked up their determination such as “No cheering for you,” “Let’s break up first,” and “How you look now is part two.” Some were furious, as they blocked the bus from the squad. In the end, Yeom came forward in person. He expressed his resignation in person to the fans. “I received a lot of love and criticism when I came to Suwon. I have always been grateful. I hope you continue to cheer for our players the way you do.”

Yeom played for Suwon for 13 seasons. He played 333 games with 49 goals and 87 assists. As a playing coach last year, he took the helm of acting coach Kim Byung-soo after being replaced. Suwon failed to avoid demotion for the first time since its foundation, but the club put its trust in Yeom by taking the helm. However, he failed to overcome the limits of his inexperience and put down the baton himself.

What’s left is recovery. Suwon will face off against the Busan I’Park on June 2. After that, the team will have a two-week A-match break. A source in Suwon said, “First of all, I feel bad to send the team’s legend like this. 안전놀이터 It’s very sudden. We have a game coming up a week later. I think we need to find a new head coach quickly. It’s a quick decision. First of all, we aim to have a new head coach in the next game.”

Suwon is a “traditional powerhouse” in the K-League. It is a famed pullback with four K-League titles, five FA Cups, and two Asian Champions League titles. It was also called “Real Suwon” due to its abundance of national team-level players. The fall was a fleeting moment. Samsung lost its power as its management team shifted to Cheil Worldwide in 2014. It ranked bottom in the K-League 1 last year, suffering its first demotion. Suwon, which lost its leadership after losing five consecutive games, is now in the worst crisis it has ever experienced.

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