‘The prestigious Suwon Samsung’, Bus Passage → ‘Resign on the Road’ Ignoring Even Dignity

Suwon Samsung’s method of replacing its manager, a prestigious club, was “resignation on the road.”

Coach Yeom Ki-hoon announced his voluntary resignation in front of fans after Suwon lost 1-3 to Seoul E-Land FC in the 15th round of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 25th.

The loss at the match against E-Land sent Suwon into its fifth consecutive loss in the league. The team remained flat at 19th and 6th place. It is lagging far behind its goal of promoting the team directly. Suwon led the way with Mulicic’s first goal in the 41st minute of the first half, but lost the game in reverse by conceding three goals at the last minute of the second half.

Eventually, the fans got angry. Fans in the home stands chanted “Get out” to Yeom Ki-hoon several times after the game. The Suwon bus exit fence was also filled with angry fans. They chanted “Get out” while waiting for Yeom to leave work. Some fans applauded as E-Land’s team bus, which gave Suwon its victory, passed by.

Yeom, who played 13 seasons in Suwon alone and scored 49 goals and 87 assists in 333 games, is considered a club legend.

As a playing coach last year, Kim served as acting coach when Kim Byung-soo was replaced, but failed to prevent his team from being demoted. However, he continued to take the helm in the secondary league with the goal of promoting Suwon to the primary league.

Yeom Ki-hoon’s Suwon once took the lead with four consecutive wins. However, his ranking dropped after losing five consecutive games.

After the game with E-Land, angry fans couldn’t contain their anger and waited for the Suwon team’s bus. About an hour later, Yeom walked out of the bus aisle with Park Kyung-hoon and the team’s front desk and said he would resign.

“I’m sorry. After the game, I visited the general manager and told him it was right to leave.” When I came to Suwon in 2010, I received a lot of love and criticism. I am always grateful. I am saddened to know fully how the fans feel about me. I hope he can give greater support to our players now,” he said.

“I’ve been in Suwon for a long time. I cried a lot and laughed a lot. I’m sorry to show this to my fans at the end. Now I’ll support Suwon and its fans from behind. I should have been able to leave with a smile, but I’m sorry I couldn’t. I want to take all responsibility and leave.”

Finally, a tearful coach Yeom Ki-hoon said, “I’ve been grateful and sorry. I was happy to be in Suwon. I’ll see you again next time.”

“I’m sad that I sent Coach Yeom Ki-hoon without making him successful as my first leader,” Park Kyung-hoon, the general manager, said when asked if all the coaches would resign, “It’s something to think about.”

“This is not the case at all. I always did what the coach wanted,” he said when asked if the club had given little support to Yeom Ki-hoon despite his goal of being promoted to Direct.

Suwon Samsung, which is proud to be a prestigious club, recently replaced five new coaches including Yeom Ki-hoon. Notably, the team showed the worst performance on the day. The conclusion that he came to after conversations with the team’s general manager was that he walked out of the bus passageway and declared his voluntary resignation at one side of the stadium. The team’s manager aside, the team had lost basic manners toward human beings. 안전놀이터

Officials at the multiple K-League who watched the situation online could not hide their regret.

“It is questionable whether it is appropriate to announce the resignation in front of fans blocking the bus even if they have decided to voluntarily resign,” said an official who asked not to be named. Another official asked, “If you have decided to resign, shouldn’t you explain that you will make an official announcement?” and added, “It is questionable that the top-tier Korean pro soccer team made such a decision. What a pity.”

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